Virtual Office Assistant

A Comprehensive Approach

Outsourcing your Assistant needs allows you to focus on the core functions of your business, while projecting a professional image via your Virtual Assistant. Many of your administrative tasks can be met and handled by a remotely-located virtual assistant, which will save you time and expense in hiring, training, payroll & unemployment taxes, worker’s compensation insurance, and office and equipment costs associated with providing workspace for an on-site employee. We will drill-down to determine what functions you need your Virtual Assistant to serve.

Why hire a virtual assistant? Because it’s much easier than hiring a full-time staff member, much cheaper than going to a traditional employment agency and much smarter than not completing the project at all because you couldn’t find qualified staff!


Virtual Services Can Include:

  • Eligibility Checks

  • Medical Coding

  • Coding Review 

  • Insurance Contract Review and Renewals

  • CLIA Submission

  • New Patient Entry

  • Update Patient records

  • Submit Prior Authorizations

  • Receive and process prior Authorizations

  • Prescription refills

  • Communicate outside requests

  • Update from physician paper record

  • Type out Physician Notes 

  • Data Entry, Data Mining 

  • Research

  • Customer Support 

  • ETC. 


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